Mighty Boosh Fan Fiction without Slash.

“Because it’s Apocryphal”

I cannot write (and don’t claim to write) like the Boosh and am in no way affiliated with them. No one but the Boosh can write what they write. It’s straight outta their DNA, their wonderful minds and their way with words and concepts. I can only hope that I can be a hazy glass that reflects what they do in the best possible way.

I view at my “literary” dalliances as the Saturday morning cartoon version.

As I looked out at all the entries in the Mighty Boosh Fan Fiction realm, one over-arching thing twapped me between the eyes: No one, but NO ONE was writing fic that resembled the show. In EVERY story there was some sort of sexual relationship between the boys. There was also a slew of something worse: Howard abusing Vince. Graphic rape. Vince always being victimized. Torture. And a lot of Vince and/or Howard running off, crying “Does he love me?”

Are we watching the same show?

It never occurred to me to write Vince and Howard as lovers. I just wanted to play in the Boosh sandbox, because I love the show, the characters, the concepts, the relationships and all the fascinating things that make the Boosh so immensely head and shoulders above the common ilk of the tide of television backwash.

I am no stranger to Slash fiction. I’ve read a lot of it and even written a couple pieces and I’ve parodied it in three fandoms.

I recall the days in the late 1970’s when gigantic women roamed the hallways of the Statler/Hilton in NYC with mimeographed phone-book deep tomes which explored the the “deep” relationship between Kirk and Spock. Little did I know I was witnessing the birth of a movement that would take hold of the entire fan fiction community in a very “viral” way. It seemed to me that there was fiction based on the show back then. I could be mistaken.

I’m not sure if anyone writes fan fic in the flavor of any show or franchise. I don’t look around that carefully.

I don’t care if people do or not. I’m not telling anyone what to do. Write what you will. Although, I should note, my stance has cast me in the role of bad guy among a limited number of “yappy” slashers who think I’m after them. Name calling ensued on their side, and I deleted their silly attacks. I consider them trolls.

I could NOT care less what people do. I’m just offering something different for a few kindred spirits who just want to read NON-slash. Come along with me if you will. I’ve been in Time and Space for a long time.


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