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Bottle for Love Potion #Zed

This was what I had in mind when I wrote the story.

I love Anna Sui’s web. It looks a little like the Nabootique.

Beautiful bottle! Great product identity!

Anna Sui's signature fragrance.


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The Devil Doll

This 1936 film served as part of the inspiration for the Evil Toy Maker. Unlike my camp version, the film is quite engaging. The characters have motivation for all they do including Lionel Barrymore dressed in drag as the old toy lady.

The Devil Doll is a Tod Browning classic. Browning is best known for the Bela Lugosi “Dracula” and his notorious and brilliant “Freaks”.

This video is very creepy. Turn down the lights.

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Just a Joke!

You realize everything in this blog is a joke, right?

I hope so!

Just checking.

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Mr. B Natural

Like all cheesy fan fiction writers, I “borrow” characters from other shows with impunity. Since the motif of The Spirit of Jazz played such an important part in Howard Moon’s life, I figured his boss from the head office would also have come into play.

Mr. B Natural is The Spirit of Music, not just Jazz, obviously an exec. She…er…HE is an androgynous and flamboyant “man” in tight pants and a fancy hat who appears in children’s bedrooms and promises them a life of acceptance and happiness. In this short, Buzz is offered the trumpet much the same way as Howard Moon must have been.

Well, it all makes perfect sense to me.

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